Privacy Policy

Identifying information makes part of our Privacy policy, we urge you to review our Privacy policy to have a good understanding of it.

Crossflix+ Service:

You must be 18 years of age in order to become a subscriber to our service. If you use your parents’ account you must have their permission and be under their supervision to do so. You have a limited use license to view the content (i.e. films, documentaries, interactives, social posts, etc.) through our service while you are a subscriber, this use will be for you personally and not for use for any commercial purpose. You are granted a limited, personal, nontransferable license to view content on our site.  No Right Title or Interest of any kind whatsoever is being transferred to you. You may view our content only in the geographic location where we offer it, the content that we offer may vary depending on the geographical location where you are.  We have technology that will verify your geographical location.

Number of Devices You Can View Content on at the Same Time:

Your payment for services to Crossflix+ only entitles you to view our content on ONE device at any given time. This policy may change from time to time, but will be up to us.

Changes to Service:

We have a large library of videos and interactive content, and add to it periodically, we sometimes test our website and platform and you agree by using our service that we will have the right to include or exclude you from such testing.

No Representations or Warranties Are Being Made About Usage and Quality of Picture:

Due to many different factors, the quality of picture may be different each time you view Crossflix+ on your Television, Computer, Tablet or Phone. We will not be responsible for any charges that you may incur in watching our programming, these include charges from your internet provider for additional bandwidth charges or any other charges of any kind. There may also be changes in the quality of the picture due to your being in a different area and bandwidth changes or you’re in a certain location that results in inferior viewing. Other factors resulting in a different viewing experience may be the configuration of your Crossflix+ ready device. The content you are viewing may differ from one title to the other. No representations or warranties of any kind are being made by us as to quality.

Use of Content is Personal:

The use of our content by you will be for personal use only, you will be able to download through caching for personal use only but you may not reproduce sell or give away our content to anyone. 

You agree that you are forbidden from interfering or modifying our software or that of our partners in any way. Any such violation of this agreement will be enforced legally and the authorities will be notified. We may terminate the use of our service if we feel that you have tampered with or otherwise interfere with our software or content as explained above. 

By using our service, you are agreeing to the User License Agreement as mentioned above and you agree to receive updated versions of our or third-party software without notice. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ACCEPT any of these terms do not use our service, we do not warrant the use of your devices or the compatibility of your devices with our current or future software. We urge you to check your device and ask the manufacturer of your device about the compatibly of your device with our service. Our FAQ will provide you with further information. 

If your device is lost or stolen please call to deactivate your device as users may obtain some of your personal information. We may terminate your service at any time if we feel or suspect that you have violated our terms of use or violated the law in any way.

Billing, Membership, and Cancelation:

Recurring Billing: by commencing your Crossflix+ paid Subscription/membership you agree to be charged on a recurring monthly or annual basis at the then-current rate, and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of our service to your payment choice. You agree that the amount you pay each month or year may change because you may decide to change or add a plan or because of a change in our monthly or yearly price.  You agree to allow us to charge your credit card for such varying amounts that may be paid monthly or yearly in one or more charges depending on the plan you have.

Price Changes:

We reserve the right to increase our price at our sole discretion and such price change will go into effect immediately, at our discretion you may receive an email notifying you of such price change.

Billing Cycle:

You may be billed monthly or yearly depending on your plan, and your membership/subscription to Crossflix+ will be fully earned upon payment. Your renewal date may change as a result of changes in your membership/subscription. Monthly or yearly shall refer to a billing cycle. We are not required to provide you with an email notifying you that your subscription is about to expire, we have to automatically bill you for a new period of time unless you cancel your subscription.

Free Trial:

Your free trial could be limited in time. If you entered your credit card details during registration you will be billed after your free trial period ends. We are not required to send you an email notifying you that your free trial period will soon be over and that we will bill your account.

No Refunds:

There are no refunds for a partially used month or year, however you will have access to the service until the end of that unused period. For example, if you notify us that you no longer want to continue with your monthly membership/subscription after 15 days then you will still be entitled to use the service for that unused portion of time.

Payment Choices:

You may edit your payment choice information on our website. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to the expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not edit your Payment Choice information or cancel your account see, “Cancellation below”, you will remain responsible for all uncollected amounts and authorize Crossflix+ to continue billing the Payment Choice, as it may be updated. This may result in a change to your payment billing dates. For certain Payment Choices, the issuer of your payment choice may Charge you a foreign transaction fee or other charges. Check with your Payment Choice service provider for details.


You may cancel your Crossflix+ paid membership/subscription at any time and as mentioned above you will have complete access to our service through the monthly or yearly billing period. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR ANY PARTIAL MONTH OR PARTIAL YEAR MEMBERSHIP/SUBSCRIPTION OR CONTENT YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED. TO CANCEL GO TO THE ACCOUNT PAGE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

Password & Access Accounts:

The Member/Subscriber who created the account is responsible for keeping their information confidential and not giving their password out to anyone else, if someone else gets hold of your password then they could have access to your personal information which can be damaging to you. You are responsible for updating the truth and accuracy of your account.

Responsibilities for Account Sharing:

DO NOT SHARE YOUR CROSSFLIX+ SERVICE WITH ANYONE ELSE OR ALLOW OTHERS TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT, TAKE NOTICE THAT YOU AS THE OWNER OF THE CROSSFLIX+ ACCOUNT AGREE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSURING THAT HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS COMPLY WITH OUR TERMS OF USE AND SUCH ACCOUNT. THE SUBSCRIBER/ MEMBER WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS OR ANYONE THAT THEY GIVE THIS INFORMATION TO. Be aware of any communication that requests that you submit your credit card information or account information. Because, providing such information could result in identity theft. We reserve the right to place a hold on an account at any time without notice if we or our partners suspect illegal/fraudulent activity.

No Warranties or Limitations of Liability:


Intellectual Property Rights:

All content on Crossflix+ is protected by copyright laws in the United States and Internationally. Crossflix+ is a Trademark and therefore protected. Any infringements on the use of our name or mark or the content made available on our Website or Channel will be enforced. We license much of our content from Individuals, Distributors, and Publishers. Should you feel for any reason that content on our site infringes on your rights because your work has been reproduced, then contact us at: or call us at 1-833-276-7788.

Governing Law:

For Crossflix+ and all of its officers, directors, employees, contractors, and anyone else connected with Crossflix+ the Governing law shall be the law of the State of Florida in the United States of America without conflict of law to all provisions.


In the future, you may come across third-party applications including but not limited to websites, widgets, software, or other software utilities, applications which interact with the Crossflix+ service. These applications may import information (data) related to your Crossflix+ account and activity and otherwise gather data from you. These applications are provided to you as a convenience only and Crossflix+ is not in any way responsible for any of these applications. These applications are owned and operated by Third Parties, these parties are neither related to or sponsored by Crossflix+, these may not be authorized for use with the Crossflx service. Use of any of these applications will be at your own risk.

Customer Support:

If you need assistance with your account, click on the FAQ at the bottom of the pages of our website in the (Footer). There you will find the details of our Customer Service. Should there be any conflict between what your understanding of what the Customer Service person tells you the terms of this Terms of Use Agreement will always control.

Use of Any Information Submitted:

Any information that you submit to us whether it is Feedback, responses to questionnaires, postings on the Crossflix+ Service, etc. Any interaction with our website or if you send some suggestions about any aspect of our business, content, software, equipment or anything else via email, posting to our site, materials/writings you may send by mail or in any other method then by doing so you give us permission to use that information in any way we want which can mean in promotions, taking decisions to improve the site, etc. You agree that there will be no compensation of any kind for any of your communications that are described above. You agree not to enforce any kind of “Moral Rights” into any of these communications. You agree that you will not be entitled to any consideration of any kind.

Agreement to Arbitrate:

As stated above you agree to arbitration if you are a resident or living in any state in the United States of America, this will include any Territory of the United States. Our Terms of Use Agreement shall be determined by Arbitration, Arbitration uses a neutral Arbitrator instead of a Judge or jury, there is more limited discovery than in a Court of law. You agree that by agreeing to our Terms of Use that there will be limited review (with Arbitration) then in a court of law.   Arbitrators can award the same damages and relief that a court can award. You agree that, by agreeing to these Terms of Use, the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act governs the interpretation and enforcement of this provision, and that you and Crossflix+ are each waiving the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. This arbitration provision shall survive termination of this Agreement and the termination of your Crossflix+ subscription. If you choose to move forward with arbitration or file a small claim court action, you must first send to Crosssflix, by certified mail, a written Notice of your claim(“Notice”). The Notice to be addressed to : Avinu Media Inc., 501 E. Las Olas Boulevard suite #300

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 3330 (“Notice Address”). If Crossflix+ initiates There is no judge or jury in arbitration, and court review of an arbitration award is limited. In any dispute between us, whether resolved between us or via arbitration, your sole remedy is to stop using the Site and the Service if applicable. To the extent any award or judgment is granted in your favor, it shall be limited to actual out of pocket damages, excluding attorneys’ fees, and shall not include any indirect, punitive, incidental and/or consequential damages. The arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA) under its rules, including the AAA’s Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes. The AAA’s rules are available at or by calling 1-800-778-7879. Payment of all filing, administration and arbitrator fees will be governed by the AAA’s rules. Likewise, Crossflix+ will not seek attorneys’ fees and costs in arbitration unless the arbitrator determines the claims are frivolous. You may choose to have the arbitration conducted by telephone, based on written submissions, or in person in the United States in a location as determined by the AAA’s rules. If for any reason any provision of the Agreement, or portion thereof is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision or portion will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible, and the remainder of the Agreement will continue to be valid and enforceable in full force and effect. Unless Crossflix+ agrees the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claim with your claims, and may not preside under any form of class action proceedings.

during that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Crossflix+ End User License Agreement

This Agreement is between you and Avinu Media Inc., Crossflix+, us, we are all used interchangeably in this agreement and mean the same thing.

Take notice that by downloading any of the software and/or applications provided to you by Avinu Media Inc. you agree that you have read and understood this agreement and that you will be bound by its terms. You also acknowledge that you may receive for downloading other versions of our software or applications and that you also be bound by the same terms as to the new versions. If for any reason you do not agree to what is stated above then do not use the software as you do not have a license to do so.

This limited use license to use our software or applications for the Crossflix+ Service only. You may not use this software/application anywhere else. You have no ownership rights of any kind whatsoever in any of the Software/applications. Ownership of the Software/application belongs to Crossflix+ and its licensors.

From time to time, without notice, we may change our terms and you agree to be bound to the new terms, the new terms will supersede any previous terms. From time to time we urge you to review the End User License Agreement.

Based on the above you agree that you understand that you have limited use, a nonexclusive license that is non-transferable and limited to your use or to that of your household members under your supervision and responsibility. Our Software cannot be modified, you agree to be bound by the same rules on all your devices as set forth in this agreement, all copyright notices are maintained on this software.

You understand that this service and the software are for your use only and not for a business or any commercial use.

You further understand and agree that you cannot: Watch, stream, download content outside of the Crossflix Territory (Country authorized by Crossflix), you may not give the software to anyone else to use other than described in this agreement, you may not rent, lease, disclose, loan, distribute, modify, etc derivative works of our software or any part thereof. You are forbidden from copying, disassembling, translating, adapting, etc., or reduce to a human-readable form.

You may not create the source code from the object code of our Software. All content including the Software is copyrighted and you may not take any action that will infringe on copyright laws in the United States or anywhere else, in the Universe, outside of the United States.

If the Software is uninstalled it will not be possible for you to view movies and other content on your Crossflix Ready Device.

In addition to not having any interest in the software, you have no interest in any of the content on the site, including all of the titles (films, documentaries, interactive content, etc) that you download from Crossflix, any attempt to copy, sell, share or otherwise distribute such content will be a violation of copyright law in the United States and globally.

The terms outlined in this Agreement will equally apply to any third-party software program contained in Software.

The Software may be used to provide Crossflix+ with information about your viewing habits, etc. (information in relation to your use of the Service) for example what content (movie, documentary, etc.) you viewed and for how long, etc. these habits will allow us to better inform Crossflix+ subscribers/users/members about our content which will provide for a better viewing experience.

In the future, Crossflix+ may require you to consent to an upgrade of the Software or Crossflix Service, if you do not consent to such an upgrade you agree that you may not use or access the Crossflix+ Service.

This license will be effective until terminated. Crossflix+ has the right to terminate your rights under this agreement at any time without notice. Crossflix+ may terminate your rights if it finds that you have violated this agreement in any way. All rights belonging to Crossflix+ in this agreement shall survive any termination of this Agreement (i.e. Crossflix+ End User Agreement).

You agree and acknowledge that of our Software being compatible with your System may change and that you understand that compatibility with your system is your responsibility. You agree that in the event of termination that you must destroy any and all of our software in your possession, which includes software that you may have downloaded.

Crossflix+ Privacy Notice

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this website. It will notify you of the following: 

  1. What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the website, how it is used and with whom it may be shared.
  2. What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data.
  3. The security procedures in place to protect the misuse of your information.
  4. How you can correct any inaccuracies in the information.

We request information from you on our order form. To subscribe to our paid service you must provide contact information like your email, your name, phone number and address and financial information like credit card number, expiration date. This information is used for billing purposes and to fill your orders. If we have trouble processing an order, we’ll use this information to contact you.


We use “cookies” on this site. A cookie is a piece of data stored on a site visitor’s hard drive to help us improve your access to our site and identify repeat visitors to our site. For instance, when we use a cookie to identify you, you would not have to log in a password more than once, thereby saving time while on our site. Cookies can also enable us to track and target the interests of our users to enhance the experience on our site. Usage of a cookie is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information on our site. Some of our business partners may use cookies on our site for example, other platforms such as advertisers, Roku, Amazon fire, etc. However, we have no access to or control over these cookies. We share aggregated demographic information with our partners and advertisers. This is not linked to any personal information that can identify any individual person.

We use an outside company/partner for credit card processing company to bill users for services. These companies do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes beyond filling your order.

Use Of Information

We partner with another party to provide specific services such as the credit card processer, etc. When the user signs up for services, we will share names, or other contact information that is necessary for the third party to provide these services. These parties are not allowed to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing these services.

We track your interactions so we can provide an anonymous basis ratings, consumption habits, commentary, reviews and other such information. This tracking results in our improving or recommendations to you and other users. In some cases, we may choose to partner up with companies whose products we believe will interest you. In partnership with these companies we may send product information. The result might be a sharing of information with these third parties for these promotional purposes.

In addition, you agree that we can release your information if we feel that it is necessary to satisfy a law, for example if we are served with a subpoena by the court. We will release your information if we feel it is necessary to prevent illegal or suspected illegal activities. It is further understood that your information may be shared in the event of any reorganization, sale, merger resulting or transferring of assets by us. In such cases we reserve the right ot transfer information, including personal information providing the receiving party agrees to respect your personal information in a manner that is in line with our Privacy policy.

Other Platforms, Websites, ETC.

There are other platforms or website you may have to interact with in order to stream our content these include Google Play, Amazon Fire, Roku, Apple TV, etc. we will not be responsible for what they can or cannot do with your information and we recommend that you review their privacy policy.

You Must be 18 Years of Age

In order to become a Crossflix+ Subscriber you must be 18 years of age or have parental consent to become a subscriber.

Transfer of Data

You agree that we may share your data with Third Party Providers such as a Cloud Service or other IT Provider and companies that provide service to us.

Links To Other Sites

This website may contain  links to other sites such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Google Play, Apple TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing 

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. We only have access to/collect information that you voluntarily give us via email or other direct contact from you. We will use your information to respond to you, regarding the reason you contacted us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as explained above. We may contact you via email in the future to tell you about specials, new products or services, or changes to this privacy policy. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will take effect immediately, however if you are an existing subscriber/customer then such changes will go into effect for you 30 days after we post the revised policy.

Yours Access To And Control Over Information

You can do the following at any time by contacting us via the email address or phone number given on our website:

  • See what data we have about you, if any.
  • Change/correct any data we have about you.
  • Have us delete any data we have about you.
  • Express any concern you have about our use of your data.


We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.

Wherever we collect sensitive information (such as credit card data), that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. You can verify this by looking for a lock icon in the address bar and looking for “https” at the beginning of the address of the Web page.

While we use encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect your information offline. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job (for example, billing or customer service) are granted access to personally identifiable information. The computers/servers in which we store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.

Should you have any further questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy please contact us at: